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Frequently Asked Questions

  • "What is the difference between your Super Glue and Formula Glue?"

    Super Glue (P381) is a fast acting adhesive that is good for use with non-porous materials, such as Custom Parts.

    Formula Glue (P384) is a high-tack and fast-setting white glue that is compatible with metal, plastic and wood.

  • "My car weaves and bounces back and forth as it goes down the track. What is wrong?"

    It could be any number of things, but the first thing we would recommend checking is your wheel alignment, making sure they are aligned properly. We suggest using our Wheel Alignment Tool to verify wheel alignment.


  • "What is the difference between regular graphite lubricant and the XLR-8 lubricant?"

    XLR8® is a special blend of graphite. the stainless steel applicator allows for precise application.

  • "On the Stealth Pre-Cut Design Car, what axle slots do you recommend I use to make the car as fast as it can be?"

    We recommend using the extended wheelbase slots. An extended wheelbase allows more weight to be placed in the rear of the car and helps stabilize the front end, both of which make a car faster. Always be sure to check your local race rules.

  • "I purchased the P362 Funnycar Pre-Cut Design car body and I do not want to place the weigths on the bottom of the car. Could I drill holes in the rear of the car and insert weights there? If so, how many weights would I need?"

    Yes, holes can be drilled into the rear of the Funnycar Pre-Cut Design. Round Weights (P350) and Tungsten Cylinder Weights (P3914, P3915) fit a 3/8" cavity and Tungsten CoG Weights (P3918, P3919) fit a 23/64" cavity. The amount of weight needed will depend on your local race rules.

  • "I was looking at your pinecar speedway. It looks great, but is there any way to time the races?"

    This regulation 4-lane, 32-foot track does not come with a timing device. 


    There are a couple of common methods for timing races manually. 

    -Assign a person to each lane and supply them with a stop watch. 


    -Have one person verify visually the order the cars finish. Then use a bracket system to narrow down the racers until there is a winner.



  • "I love the look of the PineCar Body Skins. Can they be used on Sailboat Racers?"

    Yes, you can use PineCar Body Skins on Sailboat Racers. However, you must clear coat them sufficiently prior to putting them in the water.

  • "Are PineCar Racers acceptable with Boy Scout race standards?"

    PineCar products comply with BSA race specifications when used with BSA wheels and nail-type axles, in accordance with local race rules.

  • "Do one-piece Nickle-plated axles need to sanded or would it do more harm than good?"

    PineCar one-piece axles do not need to be sanded. They do not have the burrs or parting lines that are common with nail-type axles. We do recommend polishing the axles with Axles & Polishing Kit or Micro-Polishing System to help increase your car’s speed.

  • "Are any of your PineCar products made of lead?"

    No, PineCar products are lead-free.

  • "Do you have decals designed for girls?"

    All of our decals can be for girls! We have some Dry Transfer Decals and Body Skin Custom Transfers that seem to be popular with girls.


    Decals – Peace & Love (P4022) and Rockin’ Diva (P4023) Body Skins – Pink Camo (P3985) and Safari (P3982)

  • "Do I put the decals on first and then clear coat my car?"

    Yes, these are the correct steps...apply your decals and then clear coat your car. We suggest using a water-soluble clear coat.

  • "What kind of clear coat can I use over the PineCar Body Skins? I tried a polyurethane and also a spray clear coat on a test piece. Both of them caused cracking and bubbling."

    We recommended a brush-on, water-soluble clear coat.

  • "What are the accent colors included in each of the PineCar Complete Paint Systems?"

    Each Complete Paint System includes 2 accent colors. The Stealth Black accent colors are silver and white, all other Paint Systems accent colors are silver and black.

  • "What are the weight increments of the P353 Bar Weight?"

    All weight is approximate.

    Lengthwise: Sides 0.5 oz ea / Center 1 oz

    Middle-Center Sections: Sides 0.28 oz ea / Center 0.44 ozSmall Increments: Sides 0.03 oz ea / Center 0.04 oz ea

  • "Can the weights be melted down?"

    We do not recommend melting the weights.

  • "What is the thread size of the Tungsten CoG Weights?"

    Tungsten CoG Weights thread size is 3/8-16.

  • "Is it necessary to countersink weights on a pinewood derby racer?"

    Check your local race rules to confirm what is allowed. 


    If attaching weights to the bottom of your car, verify track clearance before race day. Place racer on a flat surface and confirm there is a minimum of 3/8-inches between the bottom of the car and the surface.

  • "I plan to buy two of your P3969 car bodies. Would one pack of the 3 oz or 2 oz tungsten flat weights get both the cars to 5 oz total?"

    The P3969 weighs 1.35 oz +/-.

    The 3 oz weights would bring one car block up to 4.35 oz +/-. However, you need to figure in the weight of wheels, axles, paint, etc. There are variances in these items, so it is difficult to determine the exact weight of a car until it is assembled.


  • "It does not seem that my PineCar scale is calibrated correctly. Is there a way that I can reset it?"

    Check calibration:1. Turn scale ON.2. Place required calibration weight (500 g) on the scale and note display value.3. If displayed value is not within acceptable tolerance (0.2 g), adjustment is required.

    Adjustment:1. Turn scale ON.2. Press and hold [M] key until display shows CAL, then release.3. Tap [M] key once more. Display will flash CAL followed by the required calibration weight.4. Place required calibration weight on center of platform (500 g). After a few seconds, display will show PASS. Calibration is complete.

  • "My digital scale will not clear to zero"

    Turn unit off, remove batteries, wait 30 seconds and reinstall. Push the tare button (T) to "zero" the scale. If this does not work, replace the batteries.

  • "My car almost pops 'wheelies' and the front end bounces around a lot, what should I do to remedy this?"

    There is too much weight in the rear of the car. Move the weights forward a bit, and retest the car.

  • "Why does my car looks like it is speeding up when it gets to the flat portion of the track?"

    This is the result of well-placed weight in the rear of your car. Gravity driven racers continue to accelerate until the weighted portion of the car reaches the flat area of track. Most likely, the cars you are racing against have too much weight near the front and are slowing sooner than yours.

  • "How are the Body Skins applied?"

    For complete, illustrated instructions on applying Body Skins® Custom Transfers, visit the following link to our Web site: http://pinecar.woodlandscenics.com/show/Item/P3975/page/1

  • "Can I use your gloss that is included in the paint kits over your body skins? Can I buy it separately?"

    Yes, PineCar Gloss Finish is safe to use on Body Skin Custom Transfers. Apply Gloss Finish when Body Skin is completely dry.  We do not sell Gloss Finish separately. It is included with Complete Paint Systems and Custom Finishing Kits. 


  • "Does the XLR8 Ultra Graphite contain Molybdenum? What makes the XLR8 better than the rest?"

    No, the XLR8 Ultra Graphite does not contain Molybdenum.  It is laboratory tested for performance with a special blend formula.  Includes a stainless steel needle applicator for precision placement.

  • "My XLR8 clogged up after use. I tried tapping the cap on paper towels as suggested, but it did not work. What should I do next?"

    The particle size of XLR8 Ultra Graphite is very fine and can compact within the needle applicator. To help keep it from compacting, shake the bottle after each application. Periodically, replace the cap on the applicator tip and tap the bottom of the bottle on a solid surface.


    If tapping the cap on a paper towel does not unclog the needle applicator, insert a very fine piece of wire into the tip of the needle to dislodge the compacted graphite.  

  • "What is the particle size of XLR8 Ultra Graphite?"

    We tested various sized particles when developing XLR8 Ultra Graphite and discovered that the best performance existed with a mixture of particle sizes. The exact mixture of the formula is proprietary information.

  • "My car seems to get significantly faster each time it goes down the track. Why not in the beginning?"

    Congratulations! This is how a well built PineCar should perform. Each time you race your car, the wheels and axles are getting more broken in. As a result, your car is experiencing less friction each time it races down the track.

  • "What are some reasons for poor car performance?"

    Poor car performance could be the result of any number of reasons. Here are a few common problem areas.

    Wheels are not installed straight and parallel.

    Car is not the maximum weight allowed per race rules. Heavier cars go faster.

    Verify that the majority of your weight is toward the rear of your car.

    Wheels and axles are not tuned and polished. This lessens friction.

    Wheels and axles not lubricated with graphite. Also lessens friction.

    Bottom clearance not adequate and car drags on track guide.

    We recommend purchasing the PineCar How-To Book: Design for Speed (P383). It walks you through the entire building process, starting with cutting the basic block and finishing with race day check-in.

  • "What is the weight of the Basic Wedge Kit?"

    The total weight of the Basic Wedge Kit - including the block, 4 nail axles and 4 wheels is approximately 2.84 ounces.

  • "I am looking at your Stealth car and wondering if the weights fit in the holes drilled in the back. What weights do I need?"

    Yes. The holes drilled in the rear of the car accept cylindrical weights that fit a 3/8” cavity. We have several weights that can be used with this racer. Round Weights, Tungsten Cylinder Weights, and Tungsten CoG Weights.


  • "What are the dimensions of the flat, angled area on the Racer Display Stand? I want to add a plaque."

    The plaque area on the Racer Display Stand (P382) is approximately 1/2" x 3" (12mm x 7.62cm).

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