PineCar Derby®

We want to hear about your modeling successes! Email your story and send us some photos.

Furious Racer Wins Best Design

Jeff Gates

Our car won both Den and Pack Best Design. It also finished 3rd in Den and 4th in Pack for speed.

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And We Have Some Winners!

Ty Vaughan

I wanted to show you some of your Pine Car Kits we did for our church Pine Derby Races. We got two 1st place trophies and a 2nd and 3rd place finish.

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PineCar Wins in Canada!

Doug Campbell in Canada

Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks. My son has won his cub car rally 2 years in a row now. Many thanks to PineCar.

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PineCar Wins Divisional

Alan and Hayley Dickey

Alan Dickey wrote to tell us that his daughter Hayley just finished competing in a Girl Scouts of America organized Powder Puff Derby with a car they built using a number of our tools,

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Where PineCar Meets Motorhome

Ray Swartzendruber

GMCMI sponsors an activity for their members called the PineBlock Derby. They use PineCar Wheels and Axles and GMC motorhome-shaped wood blocks. Yes, that's right...they race motorhomes!

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