Sailboat Racers

SailBoat Racing is an ideal year-round youth group or summer camp activity. The object of a sailboat race is for the young skippers to move their boats from start to finish by blowing into their sails. This simple and fun project of great fun is enjoyed with minimum effort, expense, and supervision. Like PineCar®, sailboat racing is perfect for religious, civic and/or other group activities and fund-raising events.

All you need are a SailBoat Racer Kit, a pool or two 10-foot lengths of rain gutter and two sawhorses. The SailBoat Racer Kit is easy to assemble. Young skippers will have fun creating their own boats for exciting races. Kits include a pre-cut wood hull and mast, sail, lead-free rudder and metal keel. Kits meet BSA®* specifications.

BSA® is a Boy Scouts of America registered trademark.