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  • Description

    This fully adjustable Axle Bender is designed to give a wider range of bend angles (0.5 to 10 degrees) for alignment and tuning. Bending axles will reduce friction on your car, resulting in a faster run.

    The Pro Axle Bender features a blade and fork design pivot for accurate tracking and a unique Bending Cup to create bends without grooves or notches in stainless steel or titanium axles.

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  • How to use the Pro Axle Bender

    The Derby Worx Pro Axle Bender is a fully adjustable Pinewood Derby Car axle tool that precisely bends racing axles from .5° to 10°, allowing car builders to add a greater range of camber to their racers. It features an adjustable stop with adjustment markings and a bending chart, tool-less axle clamping and our innovative bending cup that allows Stainless Steel or Titanium multi-groove axles to be bent without filling or machining a bending groove.

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