Performance & Conformity System

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  • Description

    This portable, digital scale and conformity gauge keeps you up to speed on your racer’s weight and dimensions. Instantly check car weight to within 0.01 of an ounce or 0.1 gram.

    Measure overall width and length, width between wheels, and track clearance.

    Locate the car’s center of gravity (CoG) with the handy fulcrum point.

    Use the mathematical formulas and simple table to determine optimum placement for your car’s CoG. Then, adjust for optimum speed and stability.

    Maximum weight 600 g (21.1 oz)

  • Kit includes:

    • 1 Digital Scale
    • 1 Conformity Gauge
    • 1 Reference Ruler
    • 2 AAA Batteries
    • CoG Table and Formulas
  • Performance & Conformity System

  • Made in the USA

    Made In The USA Woodland is committed to a business practice, which supports the economy of our local community.

    We manufacture the vast majority of our products at our Linn Creek, Missouri manufacturing plant, which also houses our product development, package and creative design, marketing, sales and customer service operations.

    Many of the products or parts of the products we manufacture overseas, come back home for packaging and shipping by Woodland employees.

    When you purchase Woodland Quality Brands, you support American manufacturing working in balance with a global economy to support American jobs.

    Safety Warning

    WARNING: Choking Hazard!Small parts. Not intended for children under 3 years. Adult supervision


    AVERTISSEMENT: Danger d'étranglement! Petites pièces. Pas recommandé pour les enfants de moins de 3

    ans. Supervision d'un adule requise.

    • It does not seem that my PineCar scale is calibrated correctly. Is there a way that I can reset it?

      Check calibration:
      1. Turn scale ON.
      2. Place required calibration weight (500 g) on the scale and note display value.
      3. If displayed value is not within acceptable tolerance (0.2 g), adjustment is required.

      1. Turn scale ON.
      2. Press and hold [M] key until display shows CAL, then release.
      3. Tap [M] key once more. Display will flash CAL followed by the required calibration weight.
      4. Place required calibration weight on center of platform (500 g). After a few seconds, display will show PASS. Calibration is complete.

    • My digital scale will not clear to zero

      Turn unit off, remove batteries, wait 30 seconds and reinstall. Push the tare button (T) to "zero" the scale. If this does not work, replace the batteries.

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